Dear Students,

we welcome applications to the PhD Programme in Physics at Trento
University, both on experimental gravitation as well as on other research
topics of interest to the Physics Department at Trento.

The deadline for the on-line application procedure is approaching:
August 26, 2015, h16:00 local time.

Applications are also accepted from students expecting to complete their
M.Sc. degree by October 31, 2015. Referees indicated by applicants will
be asked to send their support letters by September 2. Applicants
passing the assessment of qualifications will be interviewed starting
from September 14; applicants may ask for a remote interview.

For the PhD selection procedure and on-line application see:

For further information please contact me,, or

In the following I give a short note on our research group, which comprises
researchers from University of Trento, INFN Trento, INFN Padova and
CNR-FBK Trento.
Our main research topics on gravitational wave searches
are already known in our Virgo community:
– squeezed-light sensitivity enhancement for Advanced Virgo (most recent
– data analysis for transient signal searches in LIGO-Virgo data (main
pipeline for all-sky burst group searches, glitch rejection, signal
localization and waveform reconstruction).
In addition to that, we are investigating effects predicted by quantum gravity
models at the Planck scale [1] as well as ponderomotive squeezing of
light and coupling of squeezed light with mechanical degrees of freedom.
These activities are based on opto-mechanical experiments using original
micro-opto-mechanical-systems [2].
All research topics will involve active collaboration of the
successful PhD applicant with other leading groups in the related field.

We would be grateful if you can circulate this announcement to
interested people.

Sincerely yours,
Giovanni Andrea Prodi